Flat Roofs

A roof which is almost level, they are no more than approximately 10° in pitch and are predominantly over large flat spaces. They are an ancient form and allow the roof to be used as a living space and/or a living roof.

Having worked with the likes of Cambridge University, Addenbrookes Hospital and being the preferred partner by many large scale businesses, flat roofs are somewhat of a specialty for Bowller – Tanner & Hall.

We have delivered jobs spanning from vast surface areas to garages and from full renovations, to solely installation of Solar energy and/or Green Roofing. With 4 registered solar specialists who can also install Green Roofs, it allows us to deliver excellence to every customer.

Roofs have a life cycle and these vary tremendously according to the product that has been used and the location of the building. Once a roof is nearing the end of its life cycle then maintenance costs dramatically increase. If major scaffolding is required for repairs then this may not be cost-efficient. If the roof covering is renewed in time then expensive timber replacement could be avoided.

A flat roof is almost level, it is no more than approximately 10° in pitch and is predominantly over large flat spaces. A roof pitch is described as the steepness of a roof quantified as a ratio or as a number of angular degrees that one ‘exposure’ surface deviates from horizontal level. Anything above 10 degrees qualifies as a pitched roof.

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