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Our experts have helped to answer the most common Roofing questions below but should you require any additional information then don’t hesitate calling one of our offices or sending us an email.

A Roofing business who have been in the market for over 60 years and are one of the longest standing contractors in the industry. Built on delivering excellence across the South East and London, we pride ourselves on reputation and having a point of difference from others in the market.

We have experience of all types of pitched and flat roofing. In the South East traditional materials are slate and tile and for flat roofs lead or bituminous products. As well as this there are some other regional variations. In conjunction with our sister company we have installed Thatch and Stone roofs.

A flat roof is almost level, it is no more than approximately 10° in pitch and is predominantly over large flat spaces. A roof pitch is described as the steepness of a roof quantified as a ratio or as a number of angular degrees that one ‘exposure’ surface deviates from horizontal level. Anything above 10 degrees qualifies as a pitched roof.

You should always fix leaks as soon as possible. A damp stain will only need redecoration but if left without attention could require a new ceiling and possibly cause rot in the timbers. Even modern treated timbers can attract fungal spores in moist conditions.

Tanner & Hall and Bowller Environmental Solutions both fall under the Bowller Group umbrella and work in unison to provide Customers with a single solution in both roofing and renewable energy. BES has developed initiatives that fall directly in line with roofing detail and allow Customers to receive a complete all round and cost-effective service, whilst joining the Global push for a greener planet.

Generally speaking, your roof should remain serviceable for at least 50 years once it has been installed, however weather conditions can have an impact on your roof. Storm force wind and extreme frost are your roofs main enemy. If you think some damage may have occurred it’s always worth getting a survey. We carry out these reports free of charge for existing homeowners (mortgage surveys not included). Small repairs can avoid bigger ones later, it is also worth noting that the Green Roof Solution as available via BES often allows a roof to double its life.

We provide a superior end to end Customer Service, that is completely tailored to the individual. Our free survey service separates us from the crowd. Delivered by market experts that have been plying their trade for decades, we pride ourselves on reputation and given the business has existed for over 60 years we know what we are doing.

Roofs have a life cycle and these vary tremendously according to the product that have been used and the location of the building. Once a roof is nearing the end of its life cycle then maintenance costs dramatically increase. If major scaffolding is required for repairs then this may not be cost efficient. If the roof covering is renewed in time then expensive timber replacement could be avoided.

Given that we provide a free survey to each enquiry, obtaining a quotation is easy, either use the form via the contact us page, send an email to the address provided in the website, or call the number and speak to one of the experts today.

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